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Pushin’ down on me


I don’t remember the last time I did a handstand. When I was little, my living room was my jungle gym. I always loved watching the Olympics, and I remember trying to always imitate different moves of those gymnasts by hopping on the couches and doing different flips. My mother hated it. My grandmother encouraged it and straightened up the pillows once I was done with my “performance.”

Tonight, I felt the need that same little kid urge. I wanted to do something a little crazy. Normally, I am a very refined girl of sorts. I keep my emotions in check. I don’t go around crying or stomping my foot in anger. I keep my game face on and my big girl panties as my mother would say. I like control. So, I am constantly controlling myself and my movements. I don’t like anything out of line, myself included.

After a rocky evening of sorts, I went over to some friends’ apartment to hang out and just catch up. College is crazy, you know. It’s Thursday morning right now. My sleep schedule is skewed, and I live on naps. Thank God I grew out of my hating nap phase.

Nonetheless, college contains lots of pressures. Between school, work, and my social life, things get hectic and sometimes it feels like the whole world is just exerting all its force on top of me. Perhaps, the universe is even pointing and laughing at me while doing so. I would know that’s for sure.

This evening, the world exerted another force on me. Yes, it’s quite common. It exerts it on me daily, but I decided to test gravity tonight. Once I saw one of my friends do a somersault in the floor, I got the urge to do a handstand. So down I went. I placed my fingers into the white carpet and launched myself into place. I am an adult and this is what I do with my freedom: handstands in the dining room.

I from there started a trend and two of my other friends started doing it with me. I loved gymnastics as a kid. I loved doing back-handsprings and back tucks. It was a stress reliever in my middle school days. Yes, I was a stressed out eighth grader. Don’t judge me.

From there I continued doing handstands against the wall. I even turned my handstands around and walked myself stomach first back into the wall. I called it “wall flopping.” In the pictures that we took, it looked like I was hugging the wall in handstand form. However, gravity soon reminded that I can’t just keep hugging the wall like that. What comes up must come down. I am sure one of Murphy’s Laws addresses that concept.

In my typical awkward fashion, I crumpled to the floor in some weird way. I quickly wondered if I broke anything because I just face planted into the carpet and my limbs were just sprawling and landing in all different ways. I didn’t break anything, though. Embarrass myself? Well, that is hard to do considering I do that on a daily basis. For the normal human being that might be considered an embarrassing moment.

After I crumpled, I soon erupted into a fight of laughter and rolled on the floor. I don’t remember the last time I let myself do anything like that. To let all the pressures pushing down on me just go. I am not going to lie. It felt nice. It felt nice to not be in complete and total control. It was just to let off a little steam.

College is rough place to be. I have scholarships to keep and grades to make. I have articles to write and jobs to do. Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being here.

Sometimes, I think we all need that reminder to not let all the pressures suffocate us as it pushes down. Maybe I should let myself go a little more often and crazy. Well, not too crazy. Wall flopping and handstanding are as wild as I think I can go.


Puzzle piecing my way through life


I am starting my fourth week of college this week, and to be quite honest, I am not sure what I think of it. Yes, I do love it, and yes, I love the majority of my classes. I still wonder, though, where I fit in God’s big equation right now.

It’s more along the lines of strange being in a total new world than scary. I am not scared. I just don’t know where I am supposed to fit. I am kinda like a puzzle piece. One of those puzzle pieces that you really can’t tell what the image is, and you have no idea where it needs to be placed to complete the picture.

College feels like a jigsaw puzzle. I am scattered in with about 26,000 other pieces. My path has crossed with several of these so called pieces. I have met a multitude of new people. Some of which I believe are in my life for a reason. It’s a God thing that my life has intersected with some people. I think in the long run I’ll even become good friends with some of them.

Along with discovering new people, I have decided to find a church here in Murfreesboro. That is a potential terrifying though for a girl that has been at the same church her entire life. I will not lie. It is an earth shattering thought. Sorta. It’s just something I feel like God’s leading me to do. I am not sure where to go. God will lead me to the right place, though.

Right now though, all the big changes in my life have taken place. All the corner pieces and the boarder of the puzzle have been put in place. I feel like I am in the “now what” stage. I don’t really know where to go from here. I have no idea what this picture is going to make, nor do I know what is going to have next in my life.

I was listening to the alternative band Jimmy Eat World the today. One of my favorite lyrics by them has to be the line in “Big Casino” where they sing about “playing my little part in something big.”

I relate. I know I am playing my little part in something big. Little or huge I know my part is important; I just don’t know what is exactly. God puts the desires on our hearts for a reason. A friend and I recently discussed that the other day, and I can back up that thought with Psalm 37:4. I just don’t know the purpose of all the desires on my heart.

I am still sifting through millions of puzzle pieces to figure out this big picture. What does my first semester have in store? I have no clue. I can barely plan one day at a time without something out of the blue popping up.

Perhaps though, I shouldn’t be to worried about trying to piece together puzzle. I guess really and truly God is the ultimate puzzle piecer. Sooner or later, everything will fall together. I hope I will see what God has had in mind for me all along.



Pole dancers and other college characters


As I sit in Starbucks, I think about all people I have met over the past week. I just started college this past Monday, and in the course of the week, I have already discovered some interesting individuals.

It’s a totally different experience to start somewhere new especially when you aren’t the only new person. I walked into my Monday morning class to complete silence. No one was talking or introducing themselves. This long, awkward silence lasted fifteen minutes.

On my first day, I wound up meeting some guy in the quad of MTSU sitting under a tree with his Mac and bike just hanging. To no surprise, I found out that my internet would not work. Of course it wasn’t working. It was having some sort of PC problem.

Nonetheless, I plopped down by him and kindly asked him if he could fix my problem. He tried. He failed. However, he and I sat and talked for an hour afterward. Mainly, we talked about music. He had this obsessive liking for Steeley Dan, and he collected all sorts of vinyl albums of classic rock. As an avid classic rock fan myself, we got a long just fine.

The next few days I’ve introduced myself to so many people, and I acquainted myself with several faces. Later on in the week,  I found out that one of the girls from my floor is from Turkey.

I had run across her in my orientation session, and now I ran into her on my floor. She speaks fluent Turkish and has an amusing personality. She is still learning things about American culture. She’s constantly asking questions. Yet, she is still teaching some of the other girls on my floor about her culture as well. The number one question the girls on my floor asked was how to cuss in Turkish. To their disappointment, the majority of Turkish cuss words cannot be translated into English.

By far, though, the guy that I met Thursday night is the winner when it comes being the most interesting.

He wandered to the third floor, which is the one I live in on. For the first time all week, a few girls and I were just sitting in the hallway listening to music and hanging out.

So, he came and joined us and told us life story in about forty-five minutes. His major was fashion and design and his minor was dancing. He told us all the types of dance he had taken. The one that caught my attention the most would be the fact was he had taken pole dancing. There were no poles on the floor, so he did not show us any of his moves. Now, though, I can say I know a male pole dancer, but I am not really sure when I will ever need to tell anyone that.

My week of meeting all sorts of exciting people leads me to wonder who I’ll stumble upon next. Oh. The joys of college life.