Monthly Archives: September 2012

September fog


Yesterday was the first day of fall. Leaves are starting to crunch under my feet as I walk the sidewalks of MTSU, and their colors changing. I am not sure where the first month of school went. Not necessarily because of the speed, but more so everything that was crammed into September.

God has given me a lot of opportunities this past week, not to mention the month. This past week I got to attend the Associated Press Media Editors conference. The conference itself is a big deal considering some of the biggest editors in journalism were all congregating just thirty miles up the road from me, and I got to be apart of it. The Sidelines staff somehow put out two different papers this week, and I got my work published in the newspaper at the conference. I am not sure how the staff all survived.

Regardless, I have written or co-written three cover stories. The responsibility is fairly huge or at least in my eyes. Through writing these stories, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about several issues such as health care, immigration, and religion. This past week, I sat in on an Islamic prayer ceremony, which was a complete culture-shock to this Southern baptist Christian girl. The experience was insightful though. To see some one else practice a different religion than one’s own is a valuable experience. An experience more Christians might want to consider subjecting themselves to simply because it lets us understand other people.

On top of my job, I do attend school believe it or not. I feel like I am drowning. Nothing is ever done, and there are not enough waking hours in the day to get ahead. Yes, I realize I am wasting writing a blog when I could be doing Latin. Judge away, but sometimes it’s essential to write for myself considering my words are always used now for publication.

More importantly, I realize how blessed I am. I have been through a lot of twists and turns this month regarding work and school, and sometimes I wonder why God allows me to do the things I do. Simply, I am just tired, and I now starting week 5 of school. I have no idea whats in store for October.

I hope I can handle whatever comes my way, and I know I will have to rely on God. I want to exceed in my grades, and I want to kick tail at my job. I want to be there for my friends, and maybe even go out and do something fun that doesn’t involve a deadline or schoolwork. Sometimes, I wish I could be a regular 19-year-old, but then I look at other people my age. Most times, I am find myself happy the way I am. Naturally, I am afraid of failure, and that nothing I do will be enough for my family, my friends, and my work. I guess that is how we all feel sometimes, or at least those of us that are pulled in a million directions.

I am not sure which direction I am headed down next, but I hope it’s the right one.