The Fast Lane


This picture is similar to how my life is right now. All over the place with no real direction. Taking 18 hours and working for Sidelines puts me all over the map. I go to school, interview people, transcribe, try to be social, write and article or two, and go to sleep. Well, I sleep sometimes. Usually sleep is at the bottom of my list of things to do.

Right now, it’s four o’clock in the morning, and I just woke up from essentially sleeping 18 hours in about the past 36. College is just a tiring place. A younger friend of mine apparently visited campus the other night. He told me because I had Lucky Charms and ice cream in my dining hall that I was livin’ the life. Oh, how that is not exactly true.

The past two months have been crazy. I feel like my head is spinning most of the time. I am not sure how it is already March. Wasn’t it just Christmas yesterday? I love my life going fast. I usually can’t stand it going any other way. Sometimes, I wonder though. If my life were to keep at this fast pace until die, what would happen?

I feel like I am in a car blowing by the world at 100 mph. I fear that I am going to run into something or someone and spiral out of control. Life feels pretty unsteady when it’s in the fast lane.


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