My Favorite Distractions


There are a lot of things I should be doing right now. I need to be writing an article for Sidelines. I need to be finishing up my honors speech class homework. I need to be doing a whole host of other things on my way too long to do list. However after being up so long, I have run into my wall so to speak. The energizer bunny within in me is slowing down.

In light of slowing down, I get a little distracted. I am not on task one bit and my mind is wandering. When this happens, one of two things take place. I either stew on my entire day, and I think about everything I have to do while I am sitting here not doing it. OR, and this is a big or, I decide to distract myself if only for a minute or thirty.

So, my favorite distractions. What are they you ask?

1) TV. I love watching re-runs of NCIS religiously. My favorite past downtime hands down. Except when I am away at school, I face one problem: no TV. There is currently not one in my dorm room, so I have to find something else to occupy my thoughts which really isn’t that hard.

2) Since there is no NCIS, I love creepin’ on Facebook. Yeah, don’t think I am weird. I know you do it, too. The newsfeed is full of interesting information. Sometimes, it just requires a little time to sift through all the stupid to get to the good stuff.

3) Reading a not required novel. I have to transport myself sometimes to a different place and time entirely. Escaping reality is one the best stress relievers of all. That is until I enter back into reality.

4) Taking a nap. I have a strong conviction that naps are the key to grappling with life. Someone once told me organization was. There is truth in the statement. I just have a different mantra. I love naps. They give me a little boost. The extra get-up-and-go I need. Taking naps aren’t the best thing to do at eight o’clock at night. Those naps turn into full on sleep. Be careful.

5) Cleaning. I love cleaning my dorm room for some reason. My bedroom back home is something of a mess usually. I have a good reason, though. Nothing has an exact place back home. Everything has a true place here. Plus, it’s smaller, and I hate having it dirty. Sometimes, I can’t do anything until my floors have been mopped. A little anal retentive don’t you think?

6) Angry birds. I heart Angry Birds. I love anything free to begin with, and I of  course love a good competition. I could sit and play that game for hours. It’s actually kinda sickening once you think about it. I thoroughly enjoy playing. Well, until it makes me angry.

We all have distractions that keep us from our true responsibilities. What are yours?


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  1. I get distracted all the time. Because I’m only in high school and don’t have a household to run (like a lot of bloggers I know), you’d think that I have more time to write. Which is true. But I spend way to much of it doing stuff that isn’t writing. Blogging is one (although I think of that as a positive distraction); watching movies is another.

    By the way, I’m loving your blog. I found it through Go Teen Writers 🙂 I’m 15, also a Christian, a writer and a blogger. It’s great to meet you 🙂

    • Hey Nick! Yeah, GoTeenWriters is a cool blog to visit. I did a lot of the writing prompt contest my senior year in high school. On another note, I understand how easy it is to get distracted, and it doesn’t help that I am procrastinator.

      • I’m still working my way around it, but it’s pretty cool. Haha, I’m a procrastinator too. We are superior 😛

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