My coffee love letter


Dear coffee,

I have carried you in my heart since I was at the tender age of six. I know that might be a crazy thought. What six year old needs coffee? However, you captured my heart at young age. If weren’t for my grandmother, I would have never tasted those roasted coffee beans that make my mouth tingle every time I take a sip of you.

The older I have gotten though, the more my love for you has grown. I woke up to you every day in the eighth grade, and what would I have done without on those late night study sessions? I need you now  since I am in college. I am not sure where I’d be without you especially today since I have gotten so little sleep.

Today is National Coffee Day. I feel as though I should thank God he created you. Yes, my dear coffee. Your rich blends give me the energy to get through each day I drink you at least once a day, and I have all sorts of favorite kinds of coffee now thanks to you. To celebrate, I am going to get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Or maybe a mocha. And if I want to get fancy, I will get a white chocolate mocha.

I love you, coffee. Sometimes, you are the only positive part of my day.

Happy National Coffee Day!


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