Pole dancers and other college characters


As I sit in Starbucks, I think about all people I have met over the past week. I just started college this past Monday, and in the course of the week, I have already discovered some interesting individuals.

It’s a totally different experience to start somewhere new especially when you aren’t the only new person. I walked into my Monday morning class to complete silence. No one was talking or introducing themselves. This long, awkward silence lasted fifteen minutes.

On my first day, I wound up meeting some guy in the quad of MTSU sitting under a tree with his Mac and bike just hanging. To no surprise, I found out that my internet would not work. Of course it wasn’t working. It was having some sort of PC problem.

Nonetheless, I plopped down by him and kindly asked him if he could fix my problem. He tried. He failed. However, he and I sat and talked for an hour afterward. Mainly, we talked about music. He had this obsessive liking for Steeley Dan, and he collected all sorts of vinyl albums of classic rock. As an avid classic rock fan myself, we got a long just fine.

The next few days I’ve introduced myself to so many people, and I acquainted myself with several faces. Later on in the week,  I found out that one of the girls from my floor is from Turkey.

I had run across her in my orientation session, and now I ran into her on my floor. She speaks fluent Turkish and has an amusing personality. She is still learning things about American culture. She’s constantly asking questions. Yet, she is still teaching some of the other girls on my floor about her culture as well. The number one question the girls on my floor asked was how to cuss in Turkish. To their disappointment, the majority of Turkish cuss words cannot be translated into English.

By far, though, the guy that I met Thursday night is the winner when it comes being the most interesting.

He wandered to the third floor, which is the one I live in on. For the first time all week, a few girls and I were just sitting in the hallway listening to music and hanging out.

So, he came and joined us and told us life story in about forty-five minutes. His major was fashion and design and his minor was dancing. He told us all the types of dance he had taken. The one that caught my attention the most would be the fact was he had taken pole dancing. There were no poles on the floor, so he did not show us any of his moves. Now, though, I can say I know a male pole dancer, but I am not really sure when I will ever need to tell anyone that.

My week of meeting all sorts of exciting people leads me to wonder who I’ll stumble upon next. Oh. The joys of college life.


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