On your mark, get set…


A week from tonight I will be all moved in at MTSU. And to that I say, I cannot wait. I only have to wait seven more short days until I am out on my own and starting my own life. I am ready to go.

For the past month and half, my life came to a slow sputter. I have not really don’t all that much if anything at all. I am worthless when I am not doing anything, and my life has felt very insignificant.

So, I haven’t really had much to write home about or in this case my blog. When all you do is sit at home and read book after book or watch never ending episodes of NCIS, life can get monotonous quick. I have had no witty thoughts to share or awkward situations happen. No, life has been very slow. Very boring.

When I graduated high school, I dreaded the thought of going to college. I didn’t want to leave everything, and I didn’t want to be left. Three short months later, my attitude has changed completely, and I am definitely ready to stop sitting at home and get on with my life.

Do I know what college is going to be like? No, I haven’t been so I don’t really know what to expect. Very few of my close friends are going to the same school with me, so in essence I am starting over completely.

Last Monday, I met my roommate. A girl whom I do not know and who lives two hours away from where I live now. We met at Starbucks, and we got the opportunity to sit and talk for a coupla hours.

Meeting someone you don’t know can be awkward. I imagine that is what if feels like to be going on a blind date. Except, if I didn’t like her there would be nothing I could do about it. We would be living together.

Thankfully, we hit it off wonderfully. I prayed for a really long time that God would place a good roommate into my life. And I think He has. I will just have to wait and see to know for sure.

So here I sit. It’s my last weekend at home before I move. It’s weird to think about. I am about to be an adult. I am about to be on my own and doing my own thing. And finally I am excited. For the past two days, I have helped two different friends stuff all their belongings into trash bags, boxes, and suitcases.

Now, it’s my turn to be doing all the packing, and I can’t wait.


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