Three Degrees of Harry Potter Fanhood


What degree of fanhood are you?

This time last night, I was walking into the movie theater not knowing what to expect out of a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie premiere. The friends I was with were dressed up in graduation robes, scarves, sweaters, hats, ties and were carrying their wands ready and waiting to see the conclusion of the series of books we grew up on.

I decided not to dress up. No, I wasn’t into it that much. Yes, I like Harry Potter, but I didn’t want to dress up. I opted for being a muggle instead. After I stepped into the movie theater, I sorta wished I dressed up. I was definitely the minority in my plain clothes.

However, I wasn’t the only one not dressed up, and it was then I realized that were several degrees of Harry Potter fanhood represented in the mobs of crowds waiting to get into the 12:05 showing.

The movie fan

The average movie goer

Somehow, I wonder if this girl even knew what she was getting herself into as she munched on her popcorn waiting in a two hour line. Did she not see all of the people around her with their Harry Potter World wands and other paraphernalia?

Nonetheless, I did see a few of her kind last night at the theater as I people watched. As I stood, I realized there were actually several casual fans in the crowd. Perhaps, those who read maybe half of the books  and stopped because the movies started. They probably didn’t really care who died or who lived. They were just there solely for the movie to see how the series ended. Casual fans were not going to cry during the movie and had no idea the depth of the series. Newsflash to the casual fan, you should have read the books.

The true fan

Making Harry Potter your own

Last night as I was waiting for awhile, I noticed these two girls walk through the door. Then I looked around. No one else was dressed like them. I walked up to them and started a conversation, and I told them I hadn’t seen anyone else dress up like them. They said they wanted to make it their own, and they made shirts, bandannas, and sweat pants for the occasion.

I would say they are embarking on the territory of true fanhood. They have probably read all the books. Not more than twice probably. They know the story line, and they followed the movies. They like Harry Potter and know one or two simple spells. This is probably their second midnight movie premiere. They are just true fans through and through.

The die hard/obsessed fan

She was brave enough to dress up like this character. Do you know who she is?

This is the group of people I went with to the movie theater last night. They took the graduation robes we wore only in May, and it was a difficult decision for some on whether they wanted to apart of Dumbledore’s army or receive a dark mark.

In fact, one of the people I went with drew dark marks on several other die hard fans while we were waiting in our seats for the movie to start.

The die hard fan won’t admit to being obsessed; they deny it. They have read all of the books at least five times, watched all the other seven movies at least twice, and listened to The Very Potter Musical soundtrack or have seen it online.

They know everything about Harry Potter, and they possessed high expectations for the movie. A tear might have escaped down their cheeks as they knew what was coming, and they were sad to see the series.

If it was up to them, they would board the Hogwarts Express and casts spells if they could. They know all the spells. In fact last night, two people from the theater I was sitting in started doing a spell battle before the movie started. It wasn’t real of course, but they did so all the same. The girl from group who was fighting in the battle ended up wining.

But whether or not you are die hard and wish the series could keep on living or the casual fan just wanting to know how it ends, J.K. Rowling’s series created one of the best series of books ever written, and I myself hate to see that it is over.


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  1. Great point — I’ve never considered all the different levels, but I like the distinctions you made. And it’s sad to see it end, but I’ll be okay with rereading the books and watching the movies over again. Nice post!

    • Thanks for reading! I’m glad you understand what I am saying. I am going to have to reread the books after last night. That is definitely for sure. And, I’ll have to watch the movies. The last movie is really good, but they could have put some more details into it.

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