Padre’s day


For my daddy

In light of the fact that tomorrow is Father’s Day or Padre’s Day in my case, I figured I should probably write something for my good ole dad. I doubt he will read it since he is not much into the Internet, and I don’t think he even knows I have a blog. But I want to write one for him anyways.

My dad is one of the most important people in my life. Perhaps, you think I am being cliche in saying that. However, not everyone is close to his or her dad and has a good relationship with him. God blessed me with the dad I have, and I am glad I’m his daughter.

In my eyes, my dad is a very unique individual. And after being with him my entire life, he inadvertently passed down some of his quirks.

Top 5 things my dad gave me

1)  Since my dad subs at my high school, some of my friends and other students have gotten to know him. One of the first things they identify him with is his laugh. My dad laughs like no other. There is no one else in my life that I know laughs louder than him, and it can project across an entire room. I am told I laugh exactly like him. Well, maybe not all the time. However if I think something is really funny, I am told I sound exactly like him.

2) My dad should have been a history teacher. Sometimes, I think he missed out when he chose not be, but nonetheless, he is a history maniac. The History Channel and the Military Channel our a must watch at our house.  He knows so much, and I am not sure how he remembers it all. I guess so he is so into history that he even named one of our old cats Hitlerette. I am not sure if passions for certain things can really be passed down. I doubt its genetic. However, I am a history freak, too. I think it’s neat, and it has always been my best subject in school.

3) For my entire life, people have always told me that I act like my momma and look like my dad. I am not sure that is always the case, but I truly do resemble my dad in more ways than one. While my mom is very tall, my dad is quite short.  Guess what I am? Short. My dad also has a little round face that makes him look years younger than he really is. I got that gene, too, as I have my own little round face that makes me look younger than I am. And before my dad’s hair changed colors, his hair was extremely dark almost to the color of black as is mine.

4) I remember when I was little that my dad used to pop a in a record into the record player and listen to music a lot of nights before he would go to bed. I would sit on the couch while he sat and his chair and just listened. Since they were records, all his music was of course what is considered now classic rock. He always listened to The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, etc. He and my mom both influenced my music taste, and now even I love these bands too. I credit him partially for giving me my love for classic rock.

5) Reading is something I’ve watched my dad do my entire life. He always had a book in hand. I am not talking the wimpy 150 page books either. I am talking 400-1,000 page books. He’s always loved to read. There are books everywhere in my house. My living room, my parents room, the office, my room, the kitchen, etc. Reading is a past time in my household. I am not sure which one of my parents encouraged me to read most when I was younger. However, I am sure my dad definitely influenced my love for reading and for words.


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