It was a dark and stormy night


I am extremely terrified of storms. So, weather like I just experienced for the past four hours definitely unsettles me. However, I decided I didn’t want to be afraid of storms anymore.

So, I stood out in the storm with my Canon Rebel hoping it would help if I tried to use the storm to my benefit. I mean what if I could get a cool lightning picture?

Out there in the middle of the road I found a spot where there not many trees to block my view of sky. Oddly enough, both my pets followed and sat down in the grass. I stood and stood, and my arms trembled as I held my camera.

I bet you think I am stupid. I mean who doesn’t have the sense to go inside when volts of light are flashing from above. An hour later, though, I finally decided to trudge in.

Nothing really changed. I am still afraid of storms.  I stood outside cringing for about an hour, yet I learned something: lightening is the hardest object to photograph.

You never know when lightning might strike, and it’s by no means predictable. It’s not like storms are on a timer and a flash of lightning is going to appear in front my lens every thirty seconds.

No.  I had to wait…wait…and wait some more before finally I got one or two decent shots.  After that I definitely scurried back inside. It was dumb enough to stand out there in storm. I don’t think I need to prolong my chances of getting struck by lightning any longer.

Yet, standing outside for what seemed like an eternity ended up going with what my youth minister spoke about tonight.  His message was about staying on God’s path.

While I was trying to photograph lightning, I kept both eyes open. I know that sounds extremely strange since photographers generally keep one eye closed as the squint into the lens. Though doing that helped me out, it distracted me.

For a few minutes the sky would be quiet. Nothing would happen. So, I would get distracted and start fiddling with aperture settings or erasing pictures that didn’t work.  Then bam.  All the lightning would flash around me, and I would miss it because here again, I was distracted.

Sometimes, I feel so ADHD. God’s probably trying to tell me things all the time, yet I am distracted with all the stuff happening around me that I wonder off the path. I wonder how often I miss what God’s trying to tell me just like I would miss the lightning happening before my eyes.

But when I finally stopped getting distracted long enough to get a pictures and prayed, (yes, I did pray for this. After all, He is the one orchestrating the storm.) I finally ended up with a picture of lightning.


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