Top Ten Senior Year Moments


At the age of six my heart broke as I graduated. From kindergarten that is. I remember sitting on my teacher’s lap crying out all those little six year old tears. I loved kindergarten and everything about it. I am about to graduate again. This time it’s for real, though, and I won’t be crying on anyone’s lap.

I am, however, very nostalgic. Today, I looked back and tried to remember all the important moments of my senior year. Some are happy, hilarious, tragic, and some have hints of sadness to them. They do not range in any order or importance.

These are the moments that made my senior year what they are.

1) The Great Pumpkin

As an avid fan of Charlie Brown, I understand why Linus desired to find the “Great Pumpkin.” And I found my great pumpkin this year as this was the first time in my life that I ever even carved a pumpkin. My best friend says I am deprived because I don’t like Star Wars, and I had not dyed Easter eggs until my sophomore year of high school. This year though, I carved my first pumpkin, and it sat on my porch until the end of October.

2) Soccer camp

Normally, I do not like anything strenuous, and all the athletic talent I have took lots of hard work to achieve. Soccer camp, though, was one of the best moments of my senior year. I stayed with some of my best friends in the Lee University dorms and played indoor soccer. Sorta.

My roommates also made cheese, chocolate covered smores. I can’t say I was a big fan of those very much. However, I came away from soccer camp with the best cleat marks I had ever gotten, and I got a little bit more confidence in my playing skills.

3) The Warren County Game

During the beginning of our season, the starting goalie got hurt before a game. I was completely freaked out because that meant I had to start plus I was concerned about her as well. Since she was definitely injured for more than one game, I had to start varsity in this tough district game. Despite fears and jitters, it was the best game I played all season and I had 15 saves for the entire game.

4) Senior Night

I will always remember my soccer senior night. Even though I only played soccer for two years, I learned a lot about myself. That night will always be special to me I guess because everyone who has been or still is super important in my life was there for me.

5) And we were number one

As you now know, I am the editor of the high school paper, and I will soon relinquish my title to the two deserving upcoming juniors. However, I had a goal before I started my senior year for the newspaper. That goal was to be number one. After all of The EDGE staff’s hard work and drive, we got that title. Even though it was one of my better moments, I don’t remember it clearly. I was way too excited. However, I always remember jumping and throwing my notebook across two rows of seats and coming back to my seat to share the excitement with my adviser and staff.

6) Wet paint

On the first day of school, I stayed afterward to make club posters for to notify new members  for the upcoming meetings. I was making posters in the library with the huge paint brushes and poster board, and I thought everything was great. I didn’t get on my new clothes or anything.  My luck soon changed. I went out to eat Mexican food with a friend. Once we got out of my car, she told me there was something on my face. It was green paint. Everywhere. I had to go back to school and humbly ask one of my teachers to help me GermX it away.

7) You should putta’ ring on it

My grandmother bought me a class ring this past year, but it is not the traditional kind with the school emblem and such. It is a simple amethyst ring since that is what I wanted instead of  getting a ring I might wear for two years. My grandmother was originally going to wait until graduation, but she gave it to me three weeks before my spring break one night randomly. I am very glad she gave it to me ahead of time. It meant so much more being able to see her be happy because I was happy.

8 ) And only three short weeks later after that ring

The fact that my grandmother passed away is the biggest thing that has happened to me this senior year. It triumphs any scholarship or award. It definitely goes before winning a soccer game or anything else. If I were to put the top 5 people of importance on my hand, she would be one of them. She helped me raise me and shape me into the person I become. She won’t see me graduate. She won’t see me turn 18. She did see me grow up though, and there has never been a time in my life where I have spent more than three weeks without seeing her. She meant and still means the world to me and will always hold a special place in my heart.

9) It was a walk through the park

One day after school within the past month, my friend Katie and I went to the park. You might ask, “What is so special about going to the park?” Well, I will tell you there was nothing super special and that is why it is significant. It was so simple. We just sat in the grass and talked for three hours about everything. It makes me realize that I am going to miss just doing simple things like that and not having a care in the world about anything.

10) Sometimes you just gotta let go

Yesterday, I sent my very last EDGE to the printer. I was sad, but not as sad as I thought it would be. Saying goodbye to that is going to be one of the many things I leave behind. Today, I went to go get them. It was a most interesting drive and quite enjoyable. I can’t define The EDGE into one moment. There are simply too many between all the times I have fallen on my face, been with the most quirky and creative people, or spent time with some of my very best friends and the people I love very much.


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