28 Days


This morning I walked out my door and the instant smell of honeysuckle lingered in the wind. The sun shone down, and I knew May was right around the corner. The weather was hinting towards it.

Then I realized, tomorrow is the first day of May. Wow. Where did these past five months go? After I realized it was May, I thought oh goody. My birthday is coming up. The big one eight.

But then, it really hit me. Graduation is 28 days away.

I didn’t stray from this thought as I normally do. I don’t like thinking about it very much. In fact, most thoughts of graduation scare me.

The closer it gets, though, the less scared I am becoming. I got my cap and gown yesterday from Jostens at school. I even got my honors sash which excited me the most.

However, yesterday I worked feverishly on my last issue of my school newspaper. I was getting in my stressed out mode. I could tell. I tripped over a stack of newspapers, my eye started to twitch, and I knew a headache would soon reach my left temple.

As I worked on it, I wondered…why I am still caring about this? I have 16 days left of high school. Yet, I am still here after school working my tail off.

I concluded that I would never stop caring especially when it dealt with writing. Not only that but I was going to miss it as well.

It causes me to wonder though, am I the only senior who feels nostalgic about graduation?

I know I am about to move on to bigger things. And I know God wants me to do something with writing, but after that is where everything starts get fuzzier and fuzzier making me want to what God has planned for me.

These next 16 days of school are going to a roller coaster between all the AP tests, deadlines, and saying goodbye. In some way, I think every senior is somehow emotionally attached to something or someone in high school  they are leaving behind.

Goodbye isn’t easy. In fact, I guess that is what I hate about it most. However in 28 more days, I’ll have the rest of my life ahead of me. I’ll be an official adult and an upcoming college freshman.

I am scared and excited, but I am going to take the next four weeks one day at a time.


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