Perspective is a lovely hand to hold


For the past two and half weeks, I have become more than obsessed with my recent art project. What was just a simple doodle board of my name to put in my dorm room next year evolved into me actually enjoying art.

I begged my art teacher for the past semester to do the doodle project. It consisted of using simplistic Crayola markers and Sharpies to hide five adjective about ourselves in our doodles.

Since our last project involved carving linoleum and me cutting my hand in four different places, it was definitely a change of pace.

My art project went everywhere with me the two full days I worked on it. I worked on it in almost every class, and it took some restraint not to haul it to church with me.

I have gotten to the point where I am now making name doodles for other people because I enjoy it so much.

However this past weekend,  I took a step up from my Crayola markers and began to paint. I discovered I wasn’t so bad when it painting when it came to VBS decorations so I thought why not.

Funny thing is I cannot paint standing up. I find it be incredibly awkward. So for the past three days, I have been sprawled in my kitchen floor painting another name doodle for someone else.

Painting requires perspective though as does anything you will draw. Seeing everything from a different angle helps. Sometimes though, I have gotten too close with what I am working on that I forget to see the big picture. In fact, the image I would be working on would morph into something totally different.

In life though, we get too close to our problems at hand, and we lose perspective. When I paint, I can become so concentrated on one certain aspect that it starts taking over my entire project, and I eventually I have to take a step back, evaluate where to go from there, and try again.

We do that with issues we handle as well except sometimes we don’t take a step back and let it engulf us entirely.

I have definitely felt like that especially in dealing with stuff that’s been thrown at me in life right now. However, God doesn’t want us to lose our perspective.

Relient K puts it best when talking about perspective in their song “Part of It.”

“And when a nightmare finally does unfold
A nightmare finally shows
It’s not the end of the world
Just a calamity
And we’re a part of it
We’re a part of it
And when a nightmare finally does unfold
Perspective is a lovely hand to hold”

In the past month my life has drastically changed. Sometimes it requires us stepping back to see things a different way or perhaps it takes another person to give a new way of looking at things.

We can’t lose perspective, though. When we do, we forget the picture at hand and might miss what God has been trying to show is all along.


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