Space travel and nude beaches


I am on day two of my vacation adventures, I saw and went to places that I have never been for now.  Because we were unable to check into our condo until one, the family I am traveling with decided to see the sites and do some exploring.

All the way down there, we had joked about nude beaches. And that’s exactly what I thought it was: a joke. Yet when we arrived at the Titusville Old Beach today, I discovered that it was real.

When we got to the gate that would let us down the highway to see the wildlife preserve and the beach, the guard in the guard shack told us the first ten parking lots were fine. However if we ventured down to parking lots 11-13, we might see something we didn’t want to see.

It took us awhile to get to any beach though. There was lots of wildlife, and I even saw a gator. We tried to look for manatees, but they never surfaced.

On our way to the beach, the man in the guard shack also told us to look for the Shuttle Endeavor.

April 1 was the original day it would be lifting off for the last time, and I think the family I was with was going to go see it.

The date got changed though to April 19. We did see it from far away on the launchpad though.

After some time, we decided to park at the tenth parking lot. We enjoyed what little sunshine there was on this cloudy day in Florida.

And that is when we wondered all the way to the 11 parking lot where the supposed naked people were.

I guess because it was such a mild day, the nude bathers decided to stay inside because I didn’t even see a single person down that way.

Either that or they decided they might want to wear clothes today. I went to a nude beach today, but I kept my clothes on.


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