The Wall


In my room there is one place where I am not organized. Where I just let myself go and  be as creative as I want. This one place is my wall.

Like Pink Floyd kept putting another brick in the wall, I do the same with mine. Okay, I don’t place bricks. I place the items I treasure most. The items that I have accumulated over the last four years.

I try to stay as structured and as organized as possible usually. Some people think I am just over anal, but I guess that is just who I am. I love organization and everything surrounding it.

While I try not organize my wall at all, some things just land in the same corner. Rick Bragg is in my corner. Since my freshman year of high school, I have read all Rick Bragg items I can get my hands on. I think he is one of the most amazing writers, and I love the way he is able to tangle words with emotions and tug my heartstrings. That is the sign of a real writer, and he inspires me. I guess since he inspires me, he get’s a corner all to himself. I can’t tack his books to my wall, but I sure can tack up his magazine articles. He just recently started writing in Southern Living and will continue, so I am sure my corner will just continue to grow with the more articles he writes.

Everything else though is generally scattered, and I like it that way. Whether it is my latest art project or something I have doodled, I place anything on my wall. I have cards that special people in my life have given and my first Starbucks cup. I have Vacation Bible School decorations  ranging from a black sheep to a koala bear. I even have a small plate where one of my favorite little kids traced his hand, and gave it to me. I have notes from my freshman year that some of my best friends gave me, and I even found a letter from the summer before my freshman year started from a special friend. My wall contains many memories.

But through all the pictures and cards, I have awards from organizations I have participated in. The majority of them are from my years of newspaper. Whether it be the real awards from the Tennessee High School Press Association or the ones that we receive at the end of the year, my wall is covered in them. They are not all in one place though and I have spread them out across the wall. I have every single one of them and I plan to always treasure them.

Aside from awards though, I have every wristband from every church conference I have ever attended. YEC and the Strength to Stand conference arm bands hang on my wall. In fact every arm band I have ever worn from a concert or camp is on my wall too. They each have a special meaning believe it or not, and a special memory. They were sort of like small stepping stones and milestones each year I have been in high school.

I can place everything important on my wall if I want, but everything on there will always be layered. My wall is the just surface to who I truly am.

If someone were to just walk in my room who didn’t know me, they might have a perception. A perception that doesn’t necessarily define me.

People have layers too, and they have walls. Walls built around their hearts, and walls they believe will keep them safe.

I don’t disagree, but then again I do. I have walls and several layers to who I am.  I have surface just like everyone else. I try not keep everything inside though. I enjoy letting some things out and letting people see who I am the best I can.

That is what I do with my wall. I express myself and maybe I even learn a little bit about myself.


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