Oh snap


If there is anything that I might possibly love as much as I love writing, it would be photography. I love being able to capture the moment.

Last night I went to the OVC semi-final basketball game. It was intense to say the least between Tennessee Tech and Murray State, and I got to participate in the youth media challenge they hosted. It was interesting.

My part of the media challenge was to take pictures. So, my Canon Rebel and I went to Municipal Auditorium to handle the job.

When I arrived they gave the participants media passes. Media passes I thought. Oh the places I could quite possibly go with this little piece of laminated plastic hanging from neck. I refrained, though. I didn’t want to get in trouble the first half hour I was there.

After all the pre-game hoopla, I finally got to do what I was there to do: take pictures. The game clock started ticking, and I hopped out of my seat and went searching for a place to be. I did not want to encroach on any legitimate photographers territory.

However, I got tired of standing in the little corner near the Tech cheerleaders, and I certainly was not going to go over where the other eight photographers from my media challenge group were standing.

So, off I ventured to the other side of the court. It was a much better angle and less crowded, not to mention there was one spot still left on the baseline where all the other photographers and video people were sitting.

I made myself right at home and acted like I knew what I was doing. The guy beside me welcomed me to sit by him on the floor, and I did for the rest of evening.

The angles and shots I got were amazing to me. I was on a photographers high once the game was all said and done. However, not every shot I took was picture perfect.

There is so much more than pointing and shooting with sports photography, or so I have learned after taking pictures of almost every high school sport.

Everything has to be just right. The lighting, aperture, and setting.

At some points I even got frustrated. Sometimes, I snapped way to soon missing the moment I wish I could have gotten, and other times I was too late and ended getting blurry blobs of huge guys on my camera screen.

Snapping away with all these pictures sort of reminded of my relationship with God. Just like I snap away too fast, I find myself being anxious especially about college. I want to know, and I want to know now.

Other times, I just sit back and wait. And wait so long that I miss the opportunity that was right in front of my nose.

The cool thing about it is, God always gives a second chance. A time for me to redeem myself. I am going to mess up. I will probably get to impatient at times, and I know I will probably be blind to some opportunity that comes my way.

But it’s okay. Just like my camera, I can always snap away again, and I hope I am able to catch the right moment.


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  1. Great writer. Great photographer. Great outlook on life. Great understanding of your relationship with God. Great parents. Great newspaper staff.

    Looks like God has blessed you in a mighty way. I’m glad you enjoyed the opportunity. I want to see the pics!

    • You will see the pictures soon. I will probably make an album on Facebook. I just haven’t had time even upload them. Glad you enjoyed my blog.

  2. I did enjoy the contrast between a camera and your christianity. Also, I will be on the lookout for those pics. 😛

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