Memory in the making


"Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us." ~Oscar Wilde

Out of the all things I treasure most in my life, my memories are something that I find myself clinging to sometimes. Good and bad. They are concrete. My memories can’t change.

For some reason, I have thought a lot about my memories this past week. I can’t put my finger on why I have exactly, but I have.

The cool thing about memories is that they are always consistent. When everything else starts whirlwinding around us, our memories are there just ready to be thought about. Sometimes, they can be a wonderful comfort.

I have memories of all kinds: happy, hilarious, sad, painful, etc. This week though, I was reminded of some of my more distinct memories. One of which was when I was really small.

Have you ever tired to run away? I know I did. I was about four. I can tell you exactly what I was wearing. That is element about all my memories. I always remember what I or the other persons involved in my memories are wearing.

Nonetheless, my mom made me extremely upset. So I thought I would just show her. I would simply run away. I would run away to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother lived right next store at the time, but I thought that would be enough distance to get the point across.

Off  I went into out my front door rolling my little Emily suitcase out with me. During whatever argument I had with my mother, she had offered to even help me pack to run away. I recall that not setting very well with me, but I left all the same.

I strutted down the driveway with my Pocahontas house shoes on without looking back. I know I eventually came back from grandmother’s house, and quite obviously I got over whatever had upset me.

Despite that time lets our mind forget certain moments, they are always still there. I will always remember the moment when my childhood best friend tore down my entire closet in the first grade. And I will always remember my first homerun, my first day of middle/high school, my first kiss, etc.

This week has been sorta hard for me. Life is making me be a big girl even though I really just don’t care for growing up right now.

I remember I used to always want to grow up. I thought that was just the best thing. Now, though, I really don’t want to anymore. It truly isn’t all its cracked up to be.

I am about to make a whole bunch of new memories. I can’t change a single thing I have done in the past. I can’t alter any memories, but I can always make new ones.

My life is about to take off. I hope I make the best memories possible. I will always have my memories when I have nothing else. They are here to stay even when everything else changes.


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