Bah Humbug


I am the Ebenezer Scrooge  of Valentine’s Day. I just absolutely do not like it. My dad used to say that whomever created the holiday should have a concrete block dropped on his head.

He was always under the impression that some florist conspired with a candy company to sucker people into buying endless amounts of flowers and candy. However, I am not exactly sure that Valentine’s Day was a conspiracy theory.

I do wonder though if good ole St. Valentine was possessed by Satan when he thought of such a holiday. Hallmark didn’t create this hellatious day contrary to popular belief or my dad’s, they just reinforced it.

Despite the fact that I have such a disliking for this fabricated day of love, I am still celebrating it. I had to get my secret pal a gift, and some of my classes are not treating tomorrow as an ordinary day.

As I went on my Wal-Mart adventure last night to find the items I needed for Monday, I people watched. I was at least going to get some entertainment out of the insanity people make this day up to be.

It was there I saw the face. The face every guy gets when they are just puzzled. I saw lots of guys just standing in the aisle with a clueless look about them. They didn’t know what to get their girl. They picked up all sorts of items. Huge overstuffed teddy bears, boxes of candy, etc. Some items, I am not sure why they even bothered picking up. This holiday is just quite overwhelming for guys. Girls have high expectations.

But just a little bit further down the aisle there was this small mob of girls. They were just so excited. In the middle of the mob there was one particular girl  talking very loudly about she was going to get her “boo.” They had been together two months and “OMG he is just so going to freakin’ love this!” [Insert high-pitched squeal here] I am not exactly sure what a sixteen year old boy wants with a huge stuffed animal with a picture of the two in the middle. But what do I know?

Perhaps I am a cynic for those of you who just fawn over this holiday since you are in love and yaddee yada. Love is something to celebrate. I am not saying that it isn’t. I mean who doesn’t like to be loved? But there doesn’t necessarily have to be a day dedicated to the cause.

I dislike the fuss made over this day. And yes, it does just make those of us without a “boo” feel even worse. That is not exactly a fun feeling either.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Whoopee.  Here I am seventeen and already a cynic. Maybe there is something wrong with this picture.

However, in light of the atrocious day I will at least allow to myself to spend my time in front of the TV watching Sleepless in Seattle or maybe even Hope Floats. And if I want to be even more of a masochist, I will find time to squeeze in one more love story or listen to a Taylor Swift album.

This day gives me the excuse to think like a hopeless romantic if only for one day. Maybe I have this all wrong. Maybe love will find a way somehow. My opinion might change one day. And unless fate intervenes, tomorrow will not be that day.

Oh well. Happy Day of Love.


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