Music mania


"Music is what feelings sound like."


I never really thought of music as the ultimate time capsule until I started listening to a song today that took me back to a day that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Strangely enough I did not even care too much for music until I entered high school.

I was born and raised on classic rock. From the Rolling Stones to Journey to Pink Floyd, that’s all I really remember listening to when I was younger because that is the only thing my parents really listened to on a daily basis. I remember liking crappy pop songs that never lasted, and that was as far as my musical tastes went. However, that quickly changed the older I got.

I have gone through so many genres of music since I learned to appreciate the words and guitar strums coming out of my i-pod speakers. Alternative, screamo, techno, electronic, Christian, classic rock, country, New Age, rap, and I have even tried out folk, jazz, and a hint of the blues. I have gone through several, and I am sure there is more that I never even heard of or tried.

I am what you can call an eclectic listener of music. My iTunes ranges from AC/DC to Casting Crowns to Lady Antebellum to Enya. Perhaps my tastes are crazy, but I cannot just stick with one genre of music to listen to.

My music changes with my mood or a period of time in my life. I have gone from being determined that blink-182 would become a band again to wishing I lived in the 80’s so I could have seen the real Journey not to mention The Eagles and Bob Seger.  Music makes people feel. It has that magical way of doing so.

Within three or four minutes, the words and melodies can make our mood soar so high that it make us want to roll down our car window on that perfect sunny day as we sing oh so terribly along with it (unless you can actually sing, then I guess you would sing oh so wonderfully). Or the words sung can tug at our heartstrings and make our insides ache as it feels like the artist wrote that song just for us and the terrible day we are having.

Music is powerful tool. More importantly, music can impact our lives and memories. As much as I listen to every day, I never realized the impact it made until I realize I can time stamp some many moments of my life with albums and songs. What kind of impact as music made in your life?


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