Sometimes we just have to pay attention to the path we walk down.

Well, the world has stopped. Or at least my little piece of the world has stopped. The roads remain covered in a 6 inch blanket of the white, powdery bliss that fell out of the sky while I was sleeping. Yes it snowed, and I am stuck.

I do not like snow especially when I have items on my to-do list I wish to accomplish. However,  the snow says no. You will not get your stuff done today.  You need to just chill. The snow mocks me with its power to make my world halt.

As silly as it sounds, maybe I should take the snow’s advice. I am always going and always doing. I never stop except to occasionally sleep, and I always make time to eat. But other than that, I go and go constantly. Sometimes, my family frowns upon the fact that I am never home long enough to spend time with them.

While I was walking about kicking the snow as I went, I was agitated and worried. Here was I with all of this snow. I am an only child who lives out in the middle of nowhere so there is no one to play with me. I kept walking with my camera, though, and I  worried as the snow lightly crunched underneath my feet.  What if I didn’t get out of my house until Wednesday? Better yet, what happens if I don’t get all this stuff done?

I watched my dog attack the snow with his care-free attitude. Sometimes, he even dances with his happy feet. He was liking the snow and so was everyone else. So I stopped where I was and just sat in the snow.  My dog was confused, and he came and tried to sit in my lap despite the fact he has half the size of me.

I started to listen to the snow, and it’s silence said enough. Sometimes we have to slow down on the path we walk on in order to realize what we are missing. It just took me sitting down in a pile of snow with an eighty pound dog on top of me to understand what it was saying.


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  1. I’m like you… Always doing… always moving about. Sometimes we have to be forced to slow down. (For me, I’m usually forced to slow down when I get sick.And then I realize just how badly I needed the break). Glad you took the time to listen and learn. 🙂

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