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Music mania


"Music is what feelings sound like."


I never really thought of music as the ultimate time capsule until I started listening to a song today that took me back to a day that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Strangely enough I did not even care too much for music until I entered high school.

I was born and raised on classic rock. From the Rolling Stones to Journey to Pink Floyd, that’s all I really remember listening to when I was younger because that is the only thing my parents really listened to on a daily basis. I remember liking crappy pop songs that never lasted, and that was as far as my musical tastes went. However, that quickly changed the older I got.

I have gone through so many genres of music since I learned to appreciate the words and guitar strums coming out of my i-pod speakers. Alternative, screamo, techno, electronic, Christian, classic rock, country, New Age, rap, and I have even tried out folk, jazz, and a hint of the blues. I have gone through several, and I am sure there is more that I never even heard of or tried.

I am what you can call an eclectic listener of music. My iTunes ranges from AC/DC to Casting Crowns to Lady Antebellum to Enya. Perhaps my tastes are crazy, but I cannot just stick with one genre of music to listen to.

My music changes with my mood or a period of time in my life. I have gone from being determined that blink-182 would become a band again to wishing I lived in the 80’s so I could have seen the real Journey not to mention The Eagles and Bob Seger.  Music makes people feel. It has that magical way of doing so.

Within three or four minutes, the words and melodies can make our mood soar so high that it make us want to roll down our car window on that perfect sunny day as we sing oh so terribly along with it (unless you can actually sing, then I guess you would sing oh so wonderfully). Or the words sung can tug at our heartstrings and make our insides ache as it feels like the artist wrote that song just for us and the terrible day we are having.

Music is powerful tool. More importantly, music can impact our lives and memories. As much as I listen to every day, I never realized the impact it made until I realize I can time stamp some many moments of my life with albums and songs. What kind of impact as music made in your life?


Top 5 Sick List


There really is not a whole lot you can do when you are sick especially when all you want to do is sleep. It’s almost twelve, and I have already taken two naps today not to mention slept all night. Needless to say, I hate being sick.

So here I sit in the chair I have not moved from in over two and half hours. I thought about cleaning off my desk today. It was a really good thought since my school burned another snow day. I dreamed of actually having room for my printer and laptop. Oh, what a lovely concept that would be. Then I thought of the reality of this. I would end up getting all the stuff off my desk and wind up back at square one  in dire need of a nap.

As it stands now, I am tired of napping and sleeping. Yes, I just said I get tired of sleeping. What horrid thought. I generally like sleep. But I want to do something.

Thus, my question still remains…what can I do while I am sick and not move from my chair? Well, I thought of some answers. And if your sick like me, then maybe this will provide a tidbit of entertainment.

1) You can write a blog. Yes, it does not require all that much energy normally, but you better write it after waking up from your second nap.

2) You hope that Mark Harmon and the rest of the gang are on USA and there is a marathon playing. Even if you have seen every episode at least four times, it is sorta like comfort food only with TV.

3) Make sure someone is home with you. That way, when you really really want something and that person eventually passes through the living room, you can indeed beg for them to fix you hot chocolate.

4) Read a book you have not read in three years such as a  Rick Bragg. The negative side effect is that you are inspired yet you do not feel like moving away from your warm comfy chair much less go do something productive.

5)  You come to your senses enough to realize that you cannot get over this cold all by yourself. So, you leave your chair to take some in date medicine. DayQuill should help the cause as long as it does not make you so incredibly hyper like that one time on the sixth grade trip.

Maybe I gave you some ideas of what to do or perhaps you will make your own Top 5 lists of things to do when you are sick.



Sometimes we just have to pay attention to the path we walk down.

Well, the world has stopped. Or at least my little piece of the world has stopped. The roads remain covered in a 6 inch blanket of the white, powdery bliss that fell out of the sky while I was sleeping. Yes it snowed, and I am stuck.

I do not like snow especially when I have items on my to-do list I wish to accomplish. However,  the snow says no. You will not get your stuff done today.  You need to just chill. The snow mocks me with its power to make my world halt.

As silly as it sounds, maybe I should take the snow’s advice. I am always going and always doing. I never stop except to occasionally sleep, and I always make time to eat. But other than that, I go and go constantly. Sometimes, my family frowns upon the fact that I am never home long enough to spend time with them.

While I was walking about kicking the snow as I went, I was agitated and worried. Here was I with all of this snow. I am an only child who lives out in the middle of nowhere so there is no one to play with me. I kept walking with my camera, though, and I  worried as the snow lightly crunched underneath my feet.  What if I didn’t get out of my house until Wednesday? Better yet, what happens if I don’t get all this stuff done?

I watched my dog attack the snow with his care-free attitude. Sometimes, he even dances with his happy feet. He was liking the snow and so was everyone else. So I stopped where I was and just sat in the snow.  My dog was confused, and he came and tried to sit in my lap despite the fact he has half the size of me.

I started to listen to the snow, and it’s silence said enough. Sometimes we have to slow down on the path we walk on in order to realize what we are missing. It just took me sitting down in a pile of snow with an eighty pound dog on top of me to understand what it was saying.

Far from it


My friends tell me I am little miss perfect because I am always anal over the smallest mistakes and strive to be on top no matter what the goal is. However, I am not even close to that seven letter word. I am not even close to being the perfect editor or achieving the perfect grades or ACT scores. In fact, I feel like Mr. Runner Man up above. On most occasions, I feel like a failure with a capital F. My best is never good enough to amount to anything, or that is what it feels like the majority of the time.

Sad thing is, I know I have been like this ever since I was five. I remember crying over my one and only yellow card in kindergarden. And every time I see my former fifth grade English teacher, she never hesitates to retell me the story of the time I sobbed over a 96 I made on a worksheet. I don’t even remember it, but she still does to this day.

It hasn’t got any better either especially when it comes to subjects or sports that I am supposed to be good at doing. I can’t tell you the  number of times I have beat myself up over the simplest things. A 103 in A.P. U.S. History?  No, not good enough. An 88 on my first college paper ever? No, this calls for divulge in chocolate and some Sun Drop to make this feeling of failure to disappear. I didn’t catch that soccer ball right, yet I saved it. Is that good enough? No.

I am awful at beating myself up over the little stuff. My new year’s resolution was to stop being a perfectionist, and at 10 o’clock on day five of 2011, I already failed at trying to stop being a perfectionist. I didn’t do as well as I wanted on the ACT. I won’t lie. I was upset. I screamed at my mother, and yes a tear fell on my pinstripped pants at my feeble attempts to bite my tongue and not cry.

However, I don’t think I am the only one who is like this. There are other perfectionist out there it just might be with different passions or things they are good at too. I am trying. Trying to get rid of this nasty habit. I don’t like being this way. It is okay to make a mistake even though I grudgingly admit this. Mistakes make us human. There was only perfect person to ever walk this Earth. I am not that perfect person nor will I ever be. I intend to stick to my resolution and perhaps by the end of the year, I won’t be crying over the little things that will never really matter.