Do you quack like a chicken?


Starting September 5 at five o’clock, I had twenty kids. I had little ninjas and ballerinas, and yes I even had some chickens. Of course they are not all my kids. I half them with my co-leader at church who started the new kids program we have.  We didn’t know what to expect when we started J.A.M. or Jesus And Me. All we knew is that we had kids ready to serve God with their talents.

Today, our little chickens and ninja showed off their alter-egos in front of the church in two different services. I was proud of them. While dealing with kids is fun, it can also be frustrating. However, my J.A.M. kids surprised me. They knew what they were doing after all.

The whole purpose of the skit was that we can act any certain way, but that does not necessarily mean we are what we say we are. That is exactly what the kids portrayed today. Some rolled on stage with their ninja moves trying to be the next Karate Kid or mimicking the moves from the Wii.

Some of my other kids were clucking like chickens, and no none of them laid eggs on the altar. The narrator of the skit always pointed out they were not really “chickens” or “ballerinas.” Our fourth grade narrator really got the point of that across when the “Christians” took center stage. The narrator asked if they were going to heaven and if Jesus was in their hearts. Since the “Christians” answered no to all of the above, the narrator proceeded to tell them what they needed to do get real and make their hearts right.

At the end of their performance the kids asked the audiences what was in their hearts. I was proud of all my J.A.M. kids at that point. They understood the message they were representing. I hope it made so people realize they can’t keep quacking like chickens.


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