When you are quiet, no one proves you wrong


What was really a simple assignment for most people became a slight task for my friends and me. All we had to do was go to Motlow and get a library card. Easy enough. Or so it seemed. So off we go from school after receiving some weird glances from this lady we had never seen. Perhaps it is due to the fact that my friend looks  like a twelve-year-old and was driving a mini van. But off we went all the same.

We made our way there just fine. I was just sitting there just being quiet and in my world. Occasionally my friend would ask if we were going the right way. We were for the most part. However, my other friend had it right I just heard her wrong. She mentioned something about turning at Crockett’s but I thought she said something not even close to that. I ignored it completely.

We passed lots of pretty houses and a homeless man before we realized we were not on the right road. The only problem was none of us ever said anything about going the fact that we were going the wrong way. We just sat there riding. I am wondering if the driver had never spoke up how far we would have gone. I am sure eventually we would have said something since we didn’t see Motlow. It just took us twenty minutes for us to speak up.

Once we went the correct way my friend had earlier suggested, we did get there and managed to find the library. Of course, their had to be some card malfunction when it was my turn to get the card. That is just my luck. After the little card machine started working, we got our cards and got out of there thankfully only making a minor spectacle of ourselves.


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