Mosh pits and penguin suits


I have never been in a mosh pit with 1500 of my closest friends. No, I can’t say I have done that before until last night. When I heard my one of my favorite alternative bands would be touring in the U.S., my friend got us tickets. We were ecstatic. We were going to see Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars. We were happy campers.

Two hours before the concert started we found ourselves waiting with friends. Finally, they opened the doors to the concert venue and let us in. At first, I could see the stage just fine. Since this was a standing only concert, I knew I would be at a disadvantage. I am 5’3”. For the first half hour it was a sea of short people, and we liked it that way.

However, the concert started and all the tall people weaseled their way up front. How? I am not sure except for the fact they were bigger than my friends and me. After two bands and a forty-five minute wait Jared Leto and the rest of the band appeared on stage. I have never seen so many people jump in a tightly packed area before now. It was either jump or get squished. I learned that hard way of course.

Through much elbowing and pushing, we made our way three rows from the stage. Huge, sweaty boys were standing in front me. Then bam. Something hit me square in the chest. I had no idea what is was until my friend looked down to see that Jared Leto had thrown me his guitar pick. I was elated.

I never made it to the very front row through many feeble attempts. I did not fall down exactly, but I fell into lots of people bigger than me and got stepped on. It was worth it. Mosh pitting to see Jared Leto was worth it. Once the encore was over, we ventured on home and to get something to eat.

I walked into McDonald’s and there walking out of the bathroom was a penguin. I laughed. I laughed at that poor soul in the penguin suit. My friend had no idea I was in a fit of hysteria until she looked up. It was that point she lost it too. I forgot it was Halloween, and it was past midnight. His friend then proceeded to take our picture with that penguin boy. I have no idea where that picture will end up.

I am not sure if this will be my last mosh pitting experience. It will depend on who is playing. Thankfully, I did not get stepped on and got a guitar pick. Plus, it is not every day I get my picture taken with a penguin.


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